On Fridays at 11 am Kevin Carr presents popular music from days gone by, plenty of swing. Entertainer birthdays and other events relative to the current date.
In the second hour, country music and crossover selections.

Interview with the City of Whitehorse Mayor on the last Friday of the month, (subject to the Mayor’s commitments).

Kevin Carr

He has always been interested in radio and whilst at primary school build a crystal set to listen to the pop tunes of the day. He became interested in community radio when his Father Jack was producing programs at 3MBS.

He has been a listener of Radio Eastern since their test transmissions over 30 years ago and decided to become involved and applied to be a volunteer when visiting an outside broadcast at Como Gardens. He joined the team in 2013 and became a presenter in 2014.

He became involved in computers through necessity whilst working as an accountant in the early 80s and in 1988 set up a successful computer equipment and consumables business with wife Raylene but has now retired.

Married with two sons and one granddaughter, he has lived in Vermont South for 30 years.

Hobbies are Hi-Fi and music, but photography takes up most of his spare time and money.

Currently a member of the Committee of Management and technical support.