Croydon RSL

Town Talk – Mon, 16 August

In conversation with Roger Broadbent, John Hexter, President of the Croydon RSL promotes the services offered by his club.

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Gamblers Help

Town Talk – Mon, 2nd August

It could be said that human beings are programmed to gamble and it’s evident in a myriad ways. But for some, gambling can become a way of life with disastrous consequences not only for the person tossing the dice or placing a bet but for their entire family. This week on Town Talk we find out just how much of a problem gambling is and how groups like ‘Gambler’s Help Eastern’ are coming to grips with it.

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Greg Luke talks about Hay Fever

My Kind of Music with Kevin Carr
Friday 10th September

Over the counter remedies for Hay Fever and other Springtime conditions.

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